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The role and function of the Macquarie University Community Garden Club is to promote sustainability in the growing of vegetables and fruits. The garden welcomes the involvement and contributions from all students at Macquarie University. As well, it welcomes the involvement of faculty members and volunteers from the local community.

Working Bees are held on the first Sunday of each month at 4.00pm in summer and at 3.00pm in winter.

We are located at the northwestern corner of Culloden and Talavera Roads (adjacent to the road that leads into the University Sports Fields).


The Objectives of the club are to:

a.) Foster a sense of appreciation, responsibility and love for the local environment through actively participating in environmentally sustainable and socially-conscious practices. These will include recycling all food and garden materials through composting and worm farm systems as well as re-using building or unwanted household items on site.

b.) To grow vegetables and fruit organically by discouraging the use of commercially produced agricultural products, in particular pesticides, herbicides and weedicides.

c.) To develop a hands on understanding of an organic food production system.

Our philosophy

We believe that healthy plants can cope with most of the problems nature throws at them. Soil, nutrients, water, air and sun are the basic elements needed to make a plant thrive. Taking care of these factors and learning to improve them is central to our gardening philosophy.

We don’t use herbicides. Our members reduce competing weeds by manual weeding. We also use mulch and black plastic covers to suppress weeds.

If you would like to find out how to get involved please contact Mark Hall markhall1@bigpond.com or click on the link below to fill out the contact form.

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