Macquarie University Community Garden is 100% volunteer-run and new members are always welcome!

Members have lots of ways to get involved, from getting hands dirty at our regular working bees and helping out with day-to-day care of the garden to the planning and organisation of our activities at our general meetings.

 Working bees

Working bees provide a chance to get your hands dirty, meet with fellow gardeners over the communal beds and take home produce. They are usually held on the first Sundays of the month, starting at 3pm in winter and 4pm in summertime. Bees usually run till dark, depending on how busy we are. Members are welcome to come early or late, and for as little or as long as they like.

General meetings

Our general meetings are used to discuss a whole range of matters ranging from garden maintenance to the purchase of new equipment and, perhaps most importantly, what veggies to grow! All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. By attending you can have your say and help make decisions about the running of  the garden.

Meetings are generally held during working bees.

Frequently asked questions:

I am not a member – can I take veggies from the garden?

We respectfully request that non-members do not harvest produce from Macquarie University Community Garden.

I am a member – can I take veggies from the garden?

Members are welcome to take sensible amounts of produce from the communal plots of the garden. Whole vegetables that take longer to grow, for example zucchini, are typically harvested monthly at the working bees to share among the members. Faster growing produce, such as greens like kale or endive where individual leaves can be picked, can be harvested by individuals between the bees. If you are not sure, just ask!