Snake warning reminder

Just a little reminder to be vigilant. A red belly black snake was seen hiding between the leaves of the strawberry patch by Matt on October 11 and in the shed by Denise on December 6. Please follow Mark’s instructions to stay safe:

  • Please  be alert to  any possible snake activity.
  • All members are to be careful when picking up anything where a snake might be lying underneath it.
  • Don’t pick up anything , like a stick, or step on a stick, without first having a look at it.
  • Make some noise when approaching  possible snake sleeping areas,  especially the compost bins.
  • When entering the shed ,  bang on the door before opening it.  Noise will scare the snake away.

  • Bang on the side of the shed when walking around behind the shed to get a wheelbarrow.
  • Please check before reaching into boxes on the shelves.
  • Please be mindful when approaching the compost heaps.
  • Do not attempt to pick up or attack any snake.
  • Mothballs have been placed in the shed as a deterrent to the snake. Please do not remove them.

Annie and Sebastian have  donated to the Garden 2 solar powered snake repellers. One is in the strawberry patch near the shed and the other  is in the large community plot. They emit a noise on a regular basis which will  scare the snake away.

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